Benoit Bruchez

Passing Under the Stone Bridge in Wuzhen


Captured in July 2013, this image freezes a serene moment aboard a boat in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, China. As the boat drifts under an ancient stone bridge, a rustic panorama of the timeless village unfolds. The scene encapsulates the traditional architectural essence of Wuzhen, with wooden and stone houses stretching along both sides of the calm river that runs through the heart of the village. Multiple stone bridges cross over the water, connecting the quaint pathways of this traditional settlement. The harmonious blend of nature and architecture is apparent, as lush vegetation drapes around the old structures, painting a picture of enduring tradition amidst a modern world. This image not only portrays the tranquil daily life in Wuzhen but also offers a glimpse into the enduring traditions that characterize this historic locale.


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