Benoit Bruchez

Gateway to Serenity: Conversations at the Lijiang Tea House


This photograph immerses us in the heart of Chinese tradition, capturing a privileged moment between two women in traditional attire, exchanging words within a serene garden of a tea house in Lijiang, Yunnan. The wooden door, lavishly adorned with golden Chinese inscriptions on red banners, opens like a curtain to this intimate scene, inviting the viewer into contemplation. The lushness of the garden, with its trees and foliage, adds to the tranquility of the scene, while echoes of farmers' discussions in the distance ground the image in its everyday context. In the background, the Chinese character for "tea" hangs proudly, reminding us of the essence of this encounter: the ancient art of tea tasting. This image is a tribute to tradition, serenity, and the timeless beauty of Chinese culture.


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