Benoit Bruchez

Golden Hour Majesty at Sa Mesa Longa


This landscape photograph showcases the breathtaking seascape of Sa Mesa Longa, a popular surf spot in Sardinia, Italy. Taken during the golden hour of late afternoon, the sun casts an ethereal glow over the tumbling waves and frothy foam that dominate the foreground. Jagged rocks add a sense of peril and adventure to the scene. Further out, a small island appears as a tranquil counterpoint to the surging waters, and the dual stretches of Sa Mesa Longa beach are visible. A heat-induced haze blurs distant mountains, contrasting with the sky, which remains remarkably cloud-free. The photo encapsulates the raw power and beauty of this locale, from its menacing rocks and imposing waves to the serene and idyllic background illuminated by the setting sun.


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